So you want to make a chatbot?

Bot Consulting

You have a vision for a chatbot but you can use some help to make sure your vision comes to life? We created for you a proven methodology to:

  • Provide insights, inspiration & best practices
  • Clearly define the chatbot on short & long term
  • Align with key stakeholders and team members
  • Prepare the conversational flow

Workshop 1: Insights & best practices

The bot industry is rapidly changing with new possibilities and case studies arriving almost every day!

In the first workshop we will provide you and your team with case studies and inspiration to see what is possible today.

Off course we also go through live chatbots and clearly note what they are doing, why they are doing it and how it can be improved.

After this workshop all participants will know more about chatbots compared with 99.99% other professionals.

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Workshop 2: The BotCanvas workshop!

At the beginning of a new project we start with filling in the BotCanvas. The BotCanvas allows organizations to look at a bot from different views such as the customer problem, IT integrations, performance, organizational impact,…

By discussing every aspect of the BotCanvas it becomes clear what type of bot would work for your organization.

The outcome of the BotCanvas workshop is a detailed description and approach for the project.

This workshop really makes things very concrete. You can almost imagine your conversational agent to be live.

Curious about the BotCanvas? Feel free to download the BotCanvas already!

Download the Botcanvas here

Workshop 3: The conversational flow

The hearth of the customer experience is the conversation. Designing the conversation is the most important part of every bot project… and often takes the longest time to complete.

As a preparation for the workshop we will create a first draft of the conversational flow with the help of some excellent copywriters and creative minds.

Off course we realize not everybody feels comfortable with "reading" a flow and you cannot really "feel" the result before you see it. Therefore, we will also create a first demo of your bot so you can actually see how it would look like.

This workshop makes it very concrete, because you can see a first version of your bot live and you can start interacting with it!

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End result

The result of the Bot consulting project is an aligned roadmap and a clear project document that can be used to convince higher level management and organize an RFP to find the perfect botmaking partner (off course we would more than love to do this part also, but it is completely up to you).

Do you want to know more? Let us know so we can start this project!

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