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What is an e-commerce or product finder bot?

This type of conversational project helps your customers to easily find relevant products based on questions or user input and it is even possible to accept payments directly in the bot!

Game Changer: In Chatbot payments

In Europe is was not possible to pay directly in a Facebook chatbot. Thanks to close corporation with a big payment provider BotBakery can offer this from today!

We make it possible for customers to make a payment on Facebook without going to the website. This reduces friction, increases customer experience and therefore increase the sales!


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How does an e-commerce bot works?

It is not too difficult actually! But first of all we will fill in the BotCanvas to get a clear view of the needs and expectations.

If you are curious, you can

Download the BotCanvas here

After that we need to have a strong look at the conversational flow where we design the customer experience and take in account details such as:

  • When should a take-over by a human happen
  • What should we measure
  • How will the user find a product (rule based or based on user input)
  • What to do when the user doesn't find the product he/she is looking for
  • ...

These details are very important and creating the conversational flow is the most time-consuming step in creating a bot.

When we are ready with the conversational flow we prepare the technical solution. We have lots of possibilities off the shelf but most of the time a bit of customer development is required.

Products can be added manually or we can connect to your e-commerce system (or PIM and ERP systems) to load the products automatically. And these are not the only integrations that we take into account. Probably you will also want to integrate with:

  • Your analytics systems
  • Your customer service department
  • Your CRM system
  • Your marketing automation software
  • ...

We got you covered. Our own backend system key focus is to make these integrations easy.

Are you interested to know more about our chatbot backend system?

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Where can I launch the chatbot?

Bots can be launched on almost all channels, we can easily integrate:

  • On your website
  • On Facebook
  • Through Email
  • In SMS interactions
  • On Skype
  • On Twitter

It this moment it is not possible to create a bot on Whatsapp, we are looking forward to the day when they open their API.

How much does a customer service or FAQ chatbot cost?

Our pricing depends on:

  • The type of chatbot
  • Integrations required (for example CRM, marketing automation platform,..)
  • Multi-language/country or not

The best way to get to know how much a chatbot would cost is to contact us and setup a meeting. We’ll make sure the meeting will be super interesting for you and your team!

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