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Customer service
   and FAQ bots

What is a customer service bot?

A customer service bot allows your organization to automatically provide an answer to questions your customers might have. It is a great way to be available 24/7 whenever the customer needs your help.

How does it work?

It depends on the solution you need. Mainly we make the distinction between 2 types of bots.

1. FAQ bots, the simple way to start

An FAQ bot can provide answers on pre-defined questions that are mostly asked by (potential) customers. It allows your organization to automatically answer the most important or most repeated questions. Off course we need to take in account that a customer will ask the questions almost always in a different way. To make sure the chatbot is able to answer all these variations we use NLP software such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Louis, or

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2. Advanced customer service bots

If you really want to take it to the next level and answer much more questions than just FAQs it is possible to create a concept net that is unique to your company.
Instead of manually providing questions and answers we let a machine look at your previous interactions with customers (customer chats, email, calls,…).

Based on this data a concept net is generated that will “understand” a question and provide the best answer.

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Our chatbot logic

Customer interaction data
Linguistic models
Semantic models (patterns)
Unsupervised deep learning
Machine learning
Concept net
Language independent
Specific selected topics
Easily expandable to other topics
Every concept can be translated to an intend

Where can I launch the chatbot?

Bots can be launched on almost all channels, we can easily integrate:

  • On your website
  • On Facebook
  • Through Email
  • In SMS interactions
  • On Skype
  • On Twitter

It this moment it is not possible to create a bot on Whatsapp, we are looking forward to the day when they open their API.

How much does a customer service or FAQ chatbot cost?

Our pricing depends on:

  • The type of chatbot
  • Integrations required (for example CRM, marketing automation platform,..)
  • Multi-language/country or not

The best way to get to know how much a chatbot would cost is to contact us and set up a meeting. We’ll make sure the meeting will be super interesting for you and your team!

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