We help you launch your idea!

Custom development bots

Do you have a great idea? For example do you want to control your Tesla with a Facebook bot, or maybe you want to create a conversational based Uber, a fashion helper, a virtual diet coach,…. We can help with that!

We have a strong knowledge of the technical possibilities available and if things get really complicated (read machine learning, AI development,…) we have the right partners to get things going!

How do you make this happen?

The technical backbone of BotBakery is a custom made API connector that allows to integrate with more or less any open software available:

  • CRM systems
  • Payment modules
  • Marketing automation providers
  • NLP systems

Besides integrating with different software providers it has some specific advantages:

  • 100% customizable to your needs, we made the code so we are best placed to make changes if required
  • GDPR proof, we got you covered
  • Lots of solutions already off the shelf which reduces your cost

Technology is only 1 thing, the real strength are the people behind this project. BotBakery is a project from The House of Marketing (more than 50 internal super talented consultants) which belongs to the Quanteus group with in total over 100 employees.

BotBakery has access to all these people which will guarantee that any question, any project, any connection needed can be managed without a problem. For every project you can count on a team of more than 100 people with all their specific expertise and experience.

Your persons of contact:

Dennis De Cat
Dennis De Cat

Business and innovation manager at The House of Marketing

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Dennis Peeters
Dennis Peeters

Master BotBaker & marketing consultant at The House of Marketing

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