Custom hr bot development

Client problem

The HR market is being flooded with innovative solutions. New platforms that allow to easily find relevant jobs are launched almost daily and Google started their own job platform during the summer of 2017. How should an established company like give an answer to this new competition?


A part of the solution is by having a strong focus on the customer experience and the usage of machine learning to provide better and personalized results. The first step is to launch a conversational interface on Facebook and the website that allows users to find relevant jobs using natural language. In order to make one of the most advanced bots in Belgium we followed our proven process


1. Workshop to fill in the BotCanvas

The BotCanvas allows organisations to look at a bot from important different views such as customer problem, IT integrations, performance, organizational impact,… By discussing every aspect of the BotCanvas it becomes clear what type of bot is feasible for any type of organization. The outcome of the BotCanvas workshop was a detailed approach and bot description . Important for was to find the ideal partner for semantic job matching.

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2. Create the conversational flow

Thanks to our experience in previous projects we have a very good view on best practices related to conversational flows. Are you interested in knowing more about these best practices and bring your bot to the next level?

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3. Develop the bot

BotBakery uses their own platform to create bots. We created our own platform because we feel it allows for much more flexibility towards the clients’ need and especially in Europe to be GDPR compliant.

In the case for vacature we did custom development for:

  • Specific analytics
  • Integration with Engagor for NL
  • Integration with our job matchi
  • Integration with the vacature.c
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Custom made data storage

Everything is perfectly manageable within our platform. Want to know how we can connect our platform to your CRM, Call Center, marketing automation platform,…?

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During the development, we kept very close contact with the client to iterate on the development and solutions. This agile way of working kept the cost low and the progression constant.


Launch of VIC, your personal HR assistant

When all testing was complete it was time to launch the bot


Actions speaks better than words

Test the bot here

Thanks to module based development the bot can be easily expanded with more functionnalities to create an experience that will attract more and more job seekers over time in different channels using different interfaces.

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