Client problem

The question that needed to be answered: “What kind of bot we need to build in order to gain maximum learnings and direct business value.” The main required deliverables where :

  • Inspirational cases
  • Allignment between different departments
  • A feasible bot strategy
  • A concrete action plan & bot description


BotBakery provided 2 workshops


1. The BotCanvas workshop

The BotCanvas allows organisations to look at a bot from different views such as the customer problem, IT integrations, performance, organizational impact,…

By discussing every aspect of the BotCanvas it becomes clear what type of bot is the best fit for your organization and goals.

Before filling in the BotCanvas, BotBakery had alignment meetings with all the stakeholders to identify important topics before the workshop. This allowed the workshop to be very constructive for all parties involved.

The outcome of the BotCanvas workshop was a detailed approach and bot description for their next conversational tests.

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2. The conversational flow workshop

After the first workshop it was time to get our hands dirty and have a detailed look at the design of the conversation.

First we shared best practices around the welcome message, naming the bot, length of the texts, and a short introduction around how to create the personality of the bot.

Then we prepared a detailed conversational flow that allowed participants to discuss every phase of the conversation from welcome to product information and transaction.

Finally we showed a live demo how the bot would look like online. This was a real life and working demo. Users where able to interact with the flow designed during the workshop!

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Telenet now has an aligned vision on conversational interfaces for 2018 and has the right tools available to make this bot a success.

It is your turn to step into the conversational era!

  • Does your organization need help to define a successful bot strategy?
  • Does your organization want to create a high quality bot with a measurable performance?
  • Do you want to do this in a pragmatic way?

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