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ID, a brand of Ontex focused on incontinence products, was looking for a way to improve the customer experience in the research phase of the customer life cycle. In this phase customers know they have an incontinence problem but they don't know what product might help them best to improve their daily life.

An important insight is that these potential customers often don't want to talk about their problem because incontinence is still largely taboo.


An ideal way to help incontinence sufferers is to create a completely anonymous bot on Facebook that helps them to find the right products.


1. The BotCanvas workshop

As always at the beginning of a new project we start with filling in the BotCanvas.The BotCanvas allows organisations to look at a bot from important different views such as customer problem, IT integrations, performance, organizational impact,… By discussing every aspect of the BotCanvas it becomes clear what type of bot is feasible for any type of organization.

The outcome of the BotCanvas workshop was a detailed descriptions and approach for the project.

Want to download the BotCanvas and see how to create a bot?

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2. Create the conversational flow

Designing the conversation is one of the most impactful (and time consuming) aspects of the bot creation process. The conversational flow is the center of the user experience and is in a big part responsible for the success or failure of the project.

In the case of Ontex the conversational flow was mostly focused on asking the right questions to quickly identify the ideal products.

But it didn't stop there, we also took in account:

  • Multi language and multi country capability with different products in each country
  • Possibility to provide feedback (only the first time a user uses the bot)
  • Privacy concerns
  • Possibility to contact the company

Thanks to our experience in previous projects we have a very good view on best practices related to conversational flows. Are you interested in knowing more about these best practices and bring your bot to the next level? Don't hesitate to ...

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3. Technical solution

BotBakery is using their own platform for bot-development. The reason for creating our own is because:

  • We want 100% flexibility to tailor the bots for any client
  • We need to be GDPR compliant
  • We want to guarantee required updates are implemented on time

BotBakery has an off-the-shelf product finder solution that makes it easy to integrate in any e-commerce system.

After the setup was done we integrated the bot in the required Facebook page.

Are you interested to know what exactly our system is capable of? Contact us here and we'll be happy to provide you with a demo!


Thanks to the good teamwork between BotBakery and the Ontex marketing team, Ontex now has a very user-friendly bot live on their Facebook page. BrandBuddies (our group's agency) took care of the communication to potential clients what made this project a complete success. Currently we are discussing next steps how to improve this way of communication even more. We are looking forward to write another case study :)

Try the bot here

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