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We make bots

From very simple to super advanced. We can bake any bot with a strong focus on improving the experience of your customers! Want to know more? Provide your name and telephone number and we'll contact you.

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In short, we create bots. Bots are a new tool to communicate with your customers 24/7 allowing you to respond to their unique questions in a very natural way. When creating a bot we keep your business needs, systems and marketing goals in mind. Here are some possibilities!


Conversational commerce

Making a commercial transaction while having a chat to your customer, answering their questions, eliminating their fears and giving them a personalised solution.



Give your customers the latest news and updates they are interested in! You could be the first brand they see in the morning when they want to know what’s happening in the world!



Want to inspire your customers with new recipes, movies or innovative ways of using your product? Our bots can be taught anything! They can become your customer’s new virtual assistant!


Client Service

What is the status of my order? Can I make an appointment? Can I order flowers, a taxi, chocolates… Answer these frequently asked questions in a natural way and in no time! Your customers will love you for it!

BotBakery was born within Brand Buddies, a digital agency with over 20 years of experience in omnichannel communication.

BotBakery is lead by Dennis Peeters and Dennis De Cat and supported by an incredible team of developers, creatives and digital project managers. These 2 digital entrepreneurs are responsible for launching the cream of the crop bot applications for your business.

Dennis De Cat
Dennis De Cat

Business and innovation manager at The House of Marketing

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Dennis Peeters
Dennis Peeters

Master BotBaker & marketing consultant at The House of Marketing

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With the vision that every cake is unique, we work using an agile methodology. We think big, start small and grow fast.



While listening to your business needs and technical possibilities, we brainstorm about how a bot could work for your clients. Even if you decide not to implement a bot. You will still have an inspiring time listening to our chef bot bakers.



Our kitchen team prepares the first version of your bot. We present it to you and if you like it, we let it come alive on your chat interfaces (Shout if we need to cook up a communication plan too!)



Based on the user data we will make your bot even smarter and more sophisticated. The sky is the limit. Well trained consultants are prepared to provide you with customer feedback and options for improvement.

Why choose


BotBakery can create bots from start to finish. From discussing the ingredients with you to baking, promoting and improving the product. You won't need anyone else.
BotBakery is the leader in Europe. With an award winning cooking team we are able to create very simple bots (rule based) but also bots loaded with artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning. Text or voice based is just an option.
Bots are not just for Facebook Messenger! We can integrate our cookies..eh bots..in all your existing systems such as CRM, website, Twitter, Skype, Trello…You will not lose a single conversation! Bots can get really advanced and can go very deep, but perhaps it’s best you request a short demo first ;)
Integrating new technologies is considered a costly and time-consuming project. Not with BotBakery! We can offer small cookies within DAYS. Based on your customer feedback we will then improve the recipe.



The easiest way to start baking your bot is to get in touch with us and let us know you are interested. Just hit the button below!

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